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Our products

Biocorno® Vitamin Oils

Particularly rich and stable vitamin oils.

Biocorno® Vitamin Oil without retinyl palmitate

This is a mixture of high-quality, pure and de-acidified cereal grain seed oil containing at least 50 % linoleic acid and 0.1% natural vitamin E (total tocopherols).

Biocorno® vitamin oil without retinyl palmitate has excellent nurturing properties and is characterised by high stability. The product shows outstanding results in cosmetics, thanks to its broad range of fat-soluble active agents and its low concentration of free fatty acids.

Biocorno® Vitamin Oil

In addition, this oil is standardised to 55,000 IU of vitamin A (in the form of palmitate).

Biocorno® Grain Seed Oil Special

This is a de-acidified cereal grain seed oil with an exceptionally light and clear colour, obtained in a special and very gentle process. The oil is characterised by a mild scent and shows high stability in low temperatures as well as a standardised vitamin E content of about 0.25 % of total tocopherols.

For decades, grain seed oils have successfully been used in manufactured cosmetics as well as in dietary foods.