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All of our plant extracts are the result of several years of experience in the gentle cold extraction method of percolation, a continuous extraction process that allows for a complete dissolution of ingredients. Thanks to our consistent quality checks, Plantapharm plant extracts have become an essential ingredient for high-quality, effective and premium skin care products. Our extracts are used as plant-based active agents in creams, lotions, soaps, emulsions, hair masks, shampoos and bath and pedicure products. The drug-extract ratio (DEV) is 1:4.

Generally, we use the following extraction methods:

  • ethanol / water extraction
  • glycerine / water extraction
  • propylene glycol / water extraction
  • plant oil extraction (Biocorno, neutral oils)

You can also find different high-quality organic extracts here.

Your advantage: We offer extract mixtures tailored to your needs.

All of our products, whether they are standard or customised solutions, comply with required national and international guidelines and cosmetic regulations. All of our extracts are vegan and produced without animal testing.