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Cyto® Plants

Cyto® Plants are high-quality water-soluble plant extracts.

Cyto® Plants are high-quality water-soluble plant extracts that comply with most requirements and standards of natural cosmetics. 

We obtain Cyto® Plants in a gentle cold extraction process. The extracts are characterised by a pleasant scent reminiscent of their specific plant of origin and they are light to dark brown, greenish or yellow in colour.

The extraction agent we use is a mixture of glycerine and water and in general, we preserve all extracts with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. The drug-extract ratio (DEV) is 1:4 for most extracts, although this figure can vary in individual cases. Upon request, we can produce Cyto® Plants tailored to your needs (MOQ 25 kg) or use other, preferred conservation methods.